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corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. president obama nominates chuck hagel to be secretary of defense. the men charged with raping a young indian woman on a bus arrived in court where proceedings dissolved into chaos. and hitting a high note in south africa. we meet an unlikely star whose voice takes them from -- hollywood. across
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>> a combat soldier still -- still carries a treadmill in his chest. he will be the first wounded soldier to ever serve as secretary of defense. not everyone is happy with his nomination. >> this is the man president obama wants to lead the largest military force the world has ever known. a former soldier who knows the cost of war. >> he knows war is not an abstraction. he knows the sending young americans to fight and believe in the dark and muddy is something we only do when absolutely necessary. >> he is to be a republican senator, but he is a provocative thick. -- pick.
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>> i will do my best for my country and those i represent at the pentagon and for all of my citizens. i will always give you my honest and most informed counsel. >> he served in vietnam twice wounded and twice decorated. he had friends who got their heads blown off. he criticized the handling of the iraq war calling it -- >> the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. >> the tv campaign against him started when his nomination was just a rumor. >> chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> opponents claim he is anti- israeli, even anti-semitic. he once opposed the appointment
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of an ambassador, criticized -- criticizing him for being openly, aggressively gay. >> good morning. how are you? >> he says critics have distorted his cues. -- his views. >> i like chuck hagel. he is out of the mainstream of thinking on most issues regarding foreign policy. >> he has lined up another conflict with congress. >> for more on today's announcement, i will speak with the chief washington correspondent for the new york times. he is the author of confront and conceal. thank you for coming in. what is it about chuck hagel that some republicans seem to dislike?
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>> a lot of it goes back to the days of the iraq war. the voted for the resolution in 2002. he was one of the first republicans to say, this is not working and the u.s. should get out. he opposed the surge in 2008. that alienate him from the bush administration and for many republicans who felt he was giving agreement to opponents of the war. he has vote against just about every one of the unilateral sanctions against iran. with a 96-2 vote to oppose sanctions on iran, he was one of the two votes. on iran, his position will have to default as president obama's has. the-have to evolve as president obama's have -- evolve as
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president obama's has. >> many are saying iran is losing revenues because of the sanctions. there are some of the emmett voices against hagel's nomination-- vehement -- vehement voices against a bill. -- hagel. >> i am not sure in the end that inning democrats will vote against him. a lot of republicans --that many democrats will vote against him. it will probably be easier. he tried to become cia director four years ago. there were questions about whether or not he had approved
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torture techniques. i think they have moved beyond that. he is one of the most interesting characters in this white house. he has been at president obama's side. he has designed the white footprints strategy focusing on drones and special forces -- forces. he was involved in the bin laden raid. the big question in my mind is, will he be happy being back at the cia where he spent 25 years. he has been running the operation of all of the american intelligence services in recent years. >> a lot of people do not know who he is. thank theorem much -- thanks very much. among the challenges facing the next defense secretary is getting american combat troops home from afghanistan by 2014. american officials will discuss
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the trickier details. some reports the actual drawdown is already underway. >> they are cleaning up and clearing out. u.s. marines and their armored vehicles are leaving afghanistan behind and heading back to the states. 30,000 foreign troops left the country last year. this compound holds only a tiny fraction of what is to be returned. it is all going to be sent back home. >> we are not going to leave anything behind. we have a long history of bringing nothing with us. if it is on serviceable and broken, it will come back with us. >> far from afghanistan, president obama and karzai will support who will support the soldiers. karzai was u.s. soldiers out of
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this country's villages. afghans have taken over security for nearly 90% of the military. in some areas, they were far from ready. on the agenda this week will be progress in talks with the taliban. insurgents will be sent a warning. if karzai and the kabul regime agree with the presence of a single american soldier, they will also be a responsible for future hostilities, casualties, and destruction. some hoped the meeting will mean troops will pack up and head home sooner. that might help the peace process. >> if international troops withdraw from the country, the jihad against international invaders will be totally or more than 90% over.
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>> this meeting will influence the number of soldiers president obama is willing to send home and the number president karzai is willing to tolerate. this has changed into a war of counterterrorism. the interest of afghanistan and america will not be easily disentangled. across the country, u.s. bases are disappearing. this week's meeting will help determine the direction they take and the speed with which they go. >> silvio berlusconi has said he will not lead the next italian government. he struck a deal with the italian far right party. there are elections in february. a condition of the agreement is that silvio berlusconi will that
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another party take the leadership if they win. an army says it sees a car packed with explosives and weapons near a church. many coptics i left feeling nervous about their place in the country. a private visit to north korea. an ex-diplomat a ride in korea just weeks - or live in north korean just weeks after a long- range rocket was launched into space. the five men charged with the gang rape of a young woman on a city bus appeared in court. the judge had to throw everyone out. two of the defendants agreed to testify against the other suspects to avoid the death penalty. this report on a case that has
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brought international attention. >> it is a crime that has shaken india. today, the fiat cues coming to court for the first time in -- the five accused coming to court for the first time. police were in force with ander simmering -- anger simmering over the woman whose death had been a few days ago. people are trying to ride out a growing media storm. there was a chaotic start. the magistrate ordered a closed session for the accused to hear the charges against them of rape and murder. still recovering from his injuries, the french with the woman denied of the attack told the bbc -- briend -- friend
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with the woman the night of the attack was always positive. >> i want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else. the name of the woman is still being withheld under indian law. the government seems out of touch with a fast changing nation. there could not be a more poignant place for this case to be happening. just across on the sanaa -- the cinema where the woman and her friends went to see a movie. there was an outcry provoked by this horrific crime. in a new delhi suburb, science of how slow change may be. the authorities and their attitudes -- signs of how slow change may be. another woman was found dead after a suspected gang rape. she was going home from her job
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at a factory. when her father reported her missing, police did not listen. >> they were rude and said she had probably gone off with a man. do not worry, she will come back. >> another family grieving now. many ask if things will really change it when the ander dies down -- anger dies down. >> there is a heavy police presence in belfast after violent protests involving children as young as 10. the disturbance was sparked by the decision to limit the number of days the union flag flies over city hall. dozens of police officers have been injured. our correspondent has sent us the latest. >> the main route through east belfast looks like a battleground. pilots for the fifth consecutive night.
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-- riots for the fifth consecutive night. the protest target five weeks ago. there is no end in sight. political leaders are well aware of the harm it is causing. >> we have been known across the world for the peace process and the effort that has been made to get to this stage. >> to night's demonstration started at belfast's city hall, where the flag, controversy began. riot police guarded every door into the council. it was the first meeting since the decision to stop flying the union flag every day. they have been protesting every sense. they regarded as a sign that
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northern ireland is becoming less bridges. politicians have called for the process to end. >> that flat means more to us than just a symbol. our people have fought and died for that lad. -- that flag. >> the city hall protest was peaceful. others were not. the cost of policing the flat process is -- 2 million pounds. this is just one part of the city. some senior members of the paramilitary organization have orchestrated the violence, some believe. >> i have seen come over the weekend, youngsters, 10, 11, 14,
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15-year olds in large numbers without parental control, without any direction. i am deeply saddened by that. >> since the protests started, almost 100 people have been arrested and more than 60 police officers have been injured. tonight, those totals are rising. >> belfast not looking like it has for years. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, on strike in china. newspaper workers walked out under charges of censorship. more than 100 people a still missing three days after wildfires swept across the australian state of tasmania. our correspondent has sent us the latest. >> this is the last you will see. >> a volunteer firefighter is
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the voice behind the camera. >> real bad day./ >> i am really sorry. i could not get there. there was fog everywhere. i could not get down the road. i am really sorry. >> the brothers grew up here and cannot believe what has happened to their community. it makes me feel helpless about the whole thing. >> the bush fires have destroyed 20,000 hectares. hi winds within the flames across the landscape. -- high winds whipping across
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the landscape. at least 100 homes destroyed, several businesses, and this school. >> we are thinking of you in these moments of grief and despair. we will be working with you in the days to come. >> dozens of people work -- left their homes before they were cut off. australians are good at fire risk. they are blocking the flames in tasmania. it is mainland australia that is bracing itself for its own battle against the summer bushfires. >> there is nothing new about press censorship in china. it is new when journalists go on strike to protest against it.
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a message was changed by propaganda officials. the strike is being seen by a new test of china's new leadership. >> they lay fighters outside the newspaper's office and saying in support of the striking journalists. it is the first walkout by staff of a major chinese newspaper in more than 20 years. a new generation is challenging the old way of doing things. minnie wants greater freedom of expression. this woman says the demonstrators share a common cause with the journalists. if we do not support them, she says, no one will speak out for us when something goes wrong. all chinese media is censored. in this newspaper has a reputation for pushing the boundaries, making it china's most respected newspaper.
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when propaganda officials changed and an editorial calling for political reform to one praising the communist party, journalists said it was the final straw. they sent more than 1000 stories for censorship last year making and in this routine unjustifiable censorship. it is an early task for the chinese leader, she sean penn -- xi jinping. >> he is interested in liberalizing certain aspects of the economy. we have not seen anything about any intention -- intention of liberalizing the media. >> how will the dispute of this newspaper be resolved? the decision will give us a clear sign of how china's new
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leaders will run the country. >> when you think of opera and the great houses of sydney may come to mind. not south africa. the discovery of an opera cd change to the life of a young man. thanks to his love of music and the kindness of strangers, he is gaining the training he only dreamed of. ♪ ♪ >> i found him literally on the street. he was singing with a group of friends. to my amazement, they were singing italian songs. ♪ >> he had the best voice of the group. i talked to him and said, let's
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work together. you with your voice and i will pray the piano. we started doing gigs at markets and a few italian restaurants. when he was only four years old, his family was abandoned by his father. he left a cd with italian songs. the pavaroti cd made me feel like singing this music because it was my father's cd. i always wanted to be around him, to learn from him, to grow up in front of him. when he said no, do not do that. yes, do this. i never had none of this from him. >> i love you. >> we used to stand right here
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and we would put our heads here. the tourists would be around here. they would stop us say, you are making noise. this place was helping us to have pocket money to go to school, to have food on the table at home. i was staying here with my grandmother. it affected many people. ability of us moved to cape town. now you find them on the streets. they do not know what to do. they were stopped from coming through here to pretoria. >> a friend entered his name for the voice the academy, which is a school for talented black singers to train them for classical music and opera. out of over 100 applicants, he
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was selected. >> my dream is to become an opera singer. one day, i will impress this town because it is my home town. maybe one day i will see myself making my own show and invited those who did not want me to sing here. movement -- ms. it is to enjoy. it is something god gives you- -- music is something to enjoy. it is something god gives you. >> paul variety shall held by a star in the making -- pavarotti channeled by a star. for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. i will see you back here.
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we all for expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: president obama filled out his second term national security team today, tapping former republican senator chuck hagel for the top job at the defense department and counterterrorism adviser john brennan to run the c.i.a. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, we have more on the nominations and the vigorous debate about the president's picks. >> ifill: then margaret warner has the latest on an $8.5 billion settlement against ten major banks over foreclosure abuses. >> woodruff: ray suarez breaks down a new report detailing health care spending since the passing of the affordable care act. >> ifill: and we continue our series of conversations with newly elected members of congress. tonight: texas republican senator ted cruz, a vocal opponent of the eleventh-hour fiscal cliff deal.
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